Parent Advisory Council

"Where Parents and Staff are Working Together"

Dormick Park Elementary has a very active Parent Advisory Council. The P.A.C is an important communication between the school's teaching and administrative staff, students and parents. Our Dormick Park P.A.C. organizes a variety of events ranging from seminars that support parenting to fundraiser activities in support of the school. Another important function of the P.A.C. is to support the school in it's achievement of annual school goals. We have the planning council as a structure to help facilitate parental input and energy into formulating and helping achieve the Annual School Plan. The role of the Parent Advisory Council is to encourage parental input and involvement in your child's school. Our school's PAC executive is elected annually. The PAC is open to all parents/guardians of children attending our school. 

The PAC, through its executive and associated committees, sponsors a variety of parent education, fundraising, social and school development events. In addition, parents provide support through their involvement in fundraising, the classroom, the library, field trips, as well as other school events and programs. Welcome to the Dormick Park Community!

PAC Meetings are held at each month. Reminders or changes will be announced in the newsletter and on our Facebook page. General meetings include a report on the month's activities and topics of special interest. We welcome your participation!

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