Indigenous Education

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The Abbotsford School District is pleased to announce that effective August 1st, 2019, the Aboriginal Education department was renamed to Indigenous Education department.

This renaming is a further commitment to positive change for Indigenous students and their families in our community. It better reflects the diversity of cultures and the term chosen by various Indigenous Peoples themselves. This also aligns more closely with changes at the federal and provincial government levels, post-secondary institutions, and the United Nations. Indigenous refers to the vital connection to the land that First Nations, Métis and Inuit people have. 

Moving forward, our school district will use the term Indigenous Education. Department teachers are Teachers for Indigenous Success, and our support staff are Indigenous Support Workers. We are pleased to announce that every school has an Indigenous Support Worker as a key contact at each of our 46 sites. The Abbotsford School District's Indigenous Education department has grown, and our programs continue to expand with learning designed to support the success of every Indigenous student in Abbotsford Schools.

Visit our department's website to learn more about the programs and teachings we offer:

Visit our Indigenous Education Website!