School Safety

Parking Lot Safety

The parking lot is a very busy place in the morning and after school. We ask that every one BE PATIENT AND WORK TOGETHER to ensure the safety of our students. If you do not see your child when you enter the parking lot, please continue to loop around until you see them. One car idling in the through lane can prevent several cars from accessing the parking lot. Please avoid reversing whenever possible! Small students are difficult to see in mirrors. Walking to pick up your child helps to alleviate congestion, but if you cannot please be safe and courteous in the parking lot.

Closed Campus

Dormick Park is a closed campus. Only staff and students should be in the building with the exception of visitors who have CHECKED IN AT THE OFFICE. Please understand that the goal is not to limit your access to your child. Office staff are happy to sign in visitors or bring students to the office as needed. The goal of a closed campus is to ensure that we know who is in the building at all times. Your child, their teacher, and the office staff may know who you are, but not everyone does. A closed campus does mean that parents have limited access to the building, which requires signing in. This is done to help us to keep your child and all students safe!