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Students living in the areas indicated below live in the catchment for Dormick Park Elementary (K-5)

You may also follow the link on the bottom to view the school locator website which will identify the catchment school for any street in the School District of Abbotsford.

North Boundary:
South Fraser Way from Clearbrook Road east to Langdon Street.

South Boundary:
Highway #1 from west of Centre Street, east to a point where if Topaz Street ran through to Highway #1, north to Marshall Road including 32344 Marshall Road, east to Broadway Stree (excluding Broadway Street and Marshall Road).

East Boundary:
From the Marshall Road/Broadway Street intersection north to Bevan Avenue (excluding Broadway Street), west along Bevan Avenue (excluding Bvan Avenue) to walkway at 2211 Bevan Crescent, north along Bevan Crescent to Peardonville Road to Beaver Street (excluding Peardonville Road), north on Lynden Street (including Lynden Street, north on Langdon Street to South Fraser Way (including Langdon Street).

West Boundary:
Highway #1 from west of Centre Steet north to Peardonville Road (including both sides of Centre Street); east on Peardonville Road to Countes Street (excluding Peardonville Road), then northwest to the Clearbrook Road/South Fraser Way intersection.